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We here at Showers Business Solutions pride ourselves on a track record of helping hundreds of small community based businesses throughout the United States and Internationally turn dreams into business reality!

We take a unique consulting approach to each client's business startup and craft an individualized plan that is holistic in its approach for long term success. In short we get you up and running handling compliance, legal and we plan for your future expansion by making sure there is a clear path to ongoing funding. For some clients this sometimes means enrolling in our personal services as well but regardless of what strategies need to be positioned SBS will make them happen seamlessly and without any extra work on your part! Our passion is to let entrepreneurs "JUST FOCUS ON YOUR PASSION...WE FOCUS ON THE REST!" Taking advantage of our start-up consultations is a savvy business move whether you think you have it all figured out or you feel lost at determining "Next Steps". We offer 30 min and 1 hour consultations to meet the different needs of each business owner. 

We gather intake information from you and your team lead prior to the consultation to make sure the whole call is spent in strategy planning for next steps. We make sure our team spends ample preparation time so you get the most valuable from your consultation call.


Why wait?

Why wonder if you have all the information needed to crush it right out the gate?


Let the Showers Business Solutions team service you with business formation, compliance, legal, financial, marketing and product consultation TODAY!

The Cost of our 30 min Consultation is: $50.00

The Cost of our 1-hour Consultation is: $100.00

Disclaimer: The consultation cost is credited towards your service cost if you decide to contract with us.

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