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Showers Business Solutions was founded by Alizabeth Showers, The daughter of an entrepreneur, with a successful 14 year track record as a entrepreneur. She has proven her expertise as a Small Business & Tax Strategist, NNA Certified Signing Agent, Philanthropist, & overall Renaissance Woman who has committed her life's work to helping undeserved communities, especially those of color to master financially literacy & to thrive financially. Alizabeth's core work is to help communities build legacies while building generational wealth through business & real estate ownership as well as investing.

While attending Morgan State in 2008, Alizabeth launched the Future Black Billionaires Club™ " , which was started as a crowd sourcing Real Estate Investing Trust that allowed students to invest in profitable real estate opportunities around Baltimore with only a $500 investment. Years later F.B.B.C is shifting into a powerful wealth legacy building movement to bring holistic financial literacy and wealth building strategies to communities often preyed upon for lack of knowledge & understanding of  how to make MONEY WORK FOR THEM & NOT JUST WORK FOR MONEY!  


Alizabeth Spent a decade, while building her business acumen in the Financial sector working for the Top 3 Retail Banks on both the personal and commercial side. During this time she also worked seasonally for H&R Block learning in depth tax knowledge and becoming an enrolled agent. She eventually branched out and started her own Tax Preparation & Consulting Firm in 2007. She has since successfully help to launch several dozen successful businesses in the real estate, private funding, & professional services industries. She has helped HUNDREDS of people fix their personal finances, start small businesses, and secure capital needed to expand and develop growing enterprises. She spends her time volunteering in the community, and currently proudly serves as a Rockdale Ambassador and sits on half a dozen boards where she consults on varied subject matter.

Showers Business Solutions is here to help you build your legacy by giving you the NEW KEYS TO WEALTH & by helping you achieve financial independence through savvy personal financial strategy, small business & real estate ownership & strategic tax planning. After many years of teaching personal & business financial literacy, we have narrowed down the formula for Financial Freedom which includes Mastery of Good Credit, Business/Real Estate Ownership & Strategic Tax Planning.


The 3 New Wealth Keys ™ are the new keys to Financial & Time Independence in this digital age. Showers Business Solutions can help you BUILD YOUR LEGACY and achieve the REAL AMERICAN DREAM…FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE!


SBS will walk this entrepreneurship journey alongside you and provide priceless information to move you from entrepreneur to enterprising business owner. We will help to shift your mindset and your bank account to 6 figures within a concentrated period of time. All of the amazing specialists at Showers Business Solutions are fully committed to being LEGACY BUILDERS in our communities and pledge nothing but Excellence when serving our clients & communities. 


             We are proud to offer creative solutions to fit your needs to GET YOU STARTED.

"We can Conquer our money fears, once we can speak the language of money that was put in place as a caste system to divide us. Once you speak money, it will change you and your way of life forever!" -A.S.

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