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At Showers Business Solutions we understand how complicated starting a business can seem, that is why we offer consultations to put your mind at ease by creating a customized plan for SUCCESS!

We start with a 45 Min Consultation, and then the team creates a business recommendation outline for your specific needs and goals. We then move forward to the implementation phase which can be as short as 3 business days to long term strategies that last for 1-2 years. 


Consultations are paid BUT the fee is put towards any future service invoice with SBS. Each call comes with an actionable plan to get you moving in the RIGHT DIRECTION. The value received from your 45 min consultation call will be PRICELESS! 


To be serious about success is to be willing to put some "skin in the game" and INVEST IN YOURSELF! It will ALWAYS yield the HIGHEST RETURN ON INVESTMENT...ALWAYS!!!





Let the Showers Business Solutions team service you with business formation, compliance, legal, financial, marketing and product consultation TODAY!

The Cost of our 30 min Consultation is: $100.00

The Cost of our 60 min Consultation is: $150.00

The Cost of our 90 min Consultation is: $250.00

Disclaimer: The consultation cost is credited towards your service cost if you decide to contract with us.


Starting a business is more than just coming up with a great product or service. To create a solid foundation on which to build SUCCESS you must properly form your business to make sure you, your family, and assets are protected.


Showers Business Solutions will help you get the heavy lifting done so you can focus on delivering on what your business will offer to the world. We can handle all aspects of business formation, up to but not limited to:

  • Choosing best business structure to limit tax & personal liability

  • Articles of  Incorporation

  • Foreign Entity Filing

  • Establishing EIN w/IRS

  • Establishing Dun & Bradstreet Profile

Reach out TODAY so we can PROTECT YOU & YOUR ASSETS!!!


When you form your business depending on your structure you may need an Operating Agreement, Partnership Agreements, or By-Laws drafted to be in compliance with state/fed/banking regulations. 

Let Showers Business Solutions take care of getting those important documents properly drafted to protect you, your business and assets as your move forward in your entrepreneurship journey!

Our in-house legal counsel will work to craft iron clad documents that can be used for all your business needs including securing business capital. We also offer other business documentation like;

  • Meeting Minutes Transcription 

  • Cash Flow Statements

  • Income Statements

  • Balance Sheet Statements

  • Statement of Changes

Let our legal resources benefit you for a FRACTION of the cost! 


Whether you want your business incorporated in Georgia or Delaware, Showers Business Solutions can offer registered agent services to make sure you are in full compliance with state and federal regulations requiring business owners have a physical presence in the state they are incorporated in. We will have any mail sent to you scanned and emailed to you and make sure you NEVER MISS A BEAT!


Showers Business Solutions understands that some opportunities are just TOO GOOD TO PAST BY!


For this reason we have created a Joint Venture Business Opportunity program that allows new startups or businesses looking to scale to gain the financing & seasoned business consulting they need in exchange for equity share in their business.


Think of it as your local SHARK TANK opportunity! That is right, if you have a solid business venture & plan that aligns with the values of SBS, we will offer you capital and support to see that your blossoming idea turns into a PROFITABLE SUCCESS!!

We are most interested in:

  • Real Estate Acquisitions

  • SaaS Acquisitions or Start-Ups

  • Fin-Tech Acquisitions or Start-Ups

Reach out to one of our business consultants today to see if your business venture is a right for the SBS JV Program.

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