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What Are You Waiting On? Fixing Your Credit THIS Year is TOTALLY Possible!

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Yes. It's April. We are now in the 2nd quarter of the year and many people have long stopped pursuing their "resolutions". It's no longer sexy to look at that laundry list of changes you listed December 31st 2018 and promised you would complete. But Sis, do you want to live with ANOTHER year of bad credit?? High interest credit cards, and car loans, renting with no option to buy, and that sinking feeling of knowing you are ONE major car repair, or home repair from financial distress.

One of the things I speak on in my upcoming book, "The 3 New Keys To Wealth" is the fact that "good credit" is now a NON-NEGOTIABLE. These days, bad credit can stop you from climbing the corporate ladder and getting that dream job you worked so hard to get, or bad credit can stop you from getting that Premium insurance due to being labeled a "HIGH RISK" This means bad credit can cost you an income increase by denying you access to the job that could provide that increase. Good Credit is now the official gate keeper in gaining access to the "Wealth Game". If you have bad credit, you more than likely(unless you have access to tons of cash) are permanently sidelined watching everyone else pursue their dreams.

Credit Repair Is Like a Game of Chess. Make Your Next Move, Your Best Move.

The Ugly Truth Behind The Big Business of Credit Repair...

I know many of you are probably bombarded with people on your timeline offering Credit Repair services so it all feels a little dirty these days. It all feels like "big business" these days. But even that is not by mistake. The powers that BE, have allowed GREED to shape policies which means, we pretty much live in a full blown "PAY TO PLAY" Society. They know many of us are too damn busy keeping our heads above float to really put the time and dedication into the "DIY" credit repair process. So that dynamic has given way to those with the time or resources to create an additional barrier to Good Credit.

So yes, if you don't have the time then you will have to invest the resources to get your credit fixed. But just think of the LIFE CHANGING benefits of seeing that 720 Credit Score! You can start that Business, Buy that house, Fund that degree that will land you that 6 figure position. The reality is the $400-$800 Investment you could spend over 12 to 18 months is a small fraction to introduce you to a NEW...BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE!

Let Someone Who Genuinely Cares, Help You Fix Your Finances.

I created Business Showers Solutions to empower communities who are typically marketed to in predatory ways the ability to be serviced by people who look like them, live where they live, and understand the importance of the life changing shift and peace of mind, Good Credit, and a Mastery of Finances can give to someone. If you do choose to get your credit repaired by professionals make sure they offer:

  • Money Back Guarantee

  • Dedicated Specialist To Walk You Through The Credit Repair Journey

  • Clear Time Tables For Results

If interested, Showers Business Solutions offers FREE 30 Min Consultation to go over your credit file, brainstorm what a customized credit repair plan would like and time frame for results. We also help you create a lifestyle that fits keeping your GOOD CREDIT once we get your file repaired.

It is not easy to fix your credit, but it is POSSIBLE, so stop wasting time & money with BAD CREDIT and Click the link below to book your FREE 30 Min Consultation with someone who has fixed THOUSANDS of credit files over the last decade!


Love to #hashtag? Good news, we want you to share your credit repair success stories! Hashtag it #StartWithSBS #GoodGreditGoals So we can celebrate you moving on up like George & Weezy to the upper East Side...of GOOD CREDIT! Lol!

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