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Strategic Business Solutions is passionate about building the community, one small business at a time. We are committed to bringing under-served communities a holistic approach to personal & business finance, as well as business start-up and development services. We offer a personal touch and tailor solutions for each client after an in-depth client onboarding process. Here at SBS, we are here to help YOU start building YOUR LEGACY! We are here to put you on the path to financial and entrepreneurial success.


Strategic Business Solutions is here to help you build your legacy by helping you achieve financial independence through sound strategic personal & business financial planning, small business ownership, real estate investment & unlimited access to business capital.


After many years of teaching personal & business financial literacy and helping everyday people achieve their goal of business ownership, we have narrowed down the formula for Financial Freedom. Our Proven strategies which include Mastery of Personal & Business Credit, Business & Real Estate Ownership & Strategic Tax Planning, are The 3 New Wealth Keys ™. These 3 keys to Business Success & Financial Independence will unlock limitless possibilities for you, your company, and the communities you serve! 


Let Strategic Business Solutions help you BUILD YOUR LEGACY and achieve the REAL AMERICAN DREAM…FINANCIAL & TIME INDEPENDENCE!


SBS will help you set your business up for success by guiding you through the business startup checklist to get your business started on solid ground!



We are proud to offer creative solutions to fit your financing needs to GET STARTED.


Whether you need to start with the basics of mastering your personal finances so you can pursue your dreams of home, and business ownership OR You want to leverage your personal credit & assets to expand your current business portfolio, Strategic Business Solutions can help you get your Personal Finances TOGETHER!

Once you master your personal finances you can master your DESTINY!


Let us guide you through the process while delivering world class customer service with a personal touch. We are here to SERVE you and SAVE you by giving you the confidence that comes with Personal Financial Literacy Mastery.


When it comes to taking the LEAP into entrepreneurship & business ownership, PLANNING gives you the solid foundation for SUCCESS!

Why go at it alone? or Pay over price "gurus" for lack luster results?


Why not team up with people whose success is tied into your SUCCESS?


Why not empower yourself with the  information &

tools to not only work IN your business but more importantly ON your business?


Working with the Strategic Business Solutions team you will find dedicated individuals who see you as more than a number on their spreadsheet, but as a fellow doer looking to build their community, one small business at a time! We will take the time to customize a business start-up plan that creates unique solutions for you and your needs.


This includes formation, tax structure & planning, and business financing to sustain your newly formed company. 

SBS offers one-on-one consulting, group coaching, and e-courses to walk you through your entrepreneurship journey from conception to your first 6 or 7- FIGURES!!


Strategic Business Solutions offers many Business Financing options including:

  • In House Business Financing Options

  • Business Funding Consulting

  • Small Business Start-Up Equity Financing

  • Real Estate Investment Funding

To get started connect with one of our dedicated SBS team members who can get you on the way to up to $250K in as little as 30 DAYS!!!


From fully loaded e-courses, workshops, and e-books to empower and walk you through your personal finance & entrepreneurship journey to à la carte services menu for when you just need some quick & efficient assistance to keep your business going strong, Showers Business Solutions is here to SERVE ALL YOUR NEEDS! 

We offer a wide range of services and products to meet every budget. 

Don't see what you are looking for? Reach out for a consultation and let our educational team create a curriculum for you or your organization. We break down topics like business formation, tax planning and business financing so that you can feel confident on sharing the knowledge with others. EACH ONE, TEACH ONE!


Strategic Business Solutions believes deeply in the concept of spreading information that can effect positive change to under-served communities nationwide. Let us come and teach you the 3 KEYS TO WEALTH TODAY!


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